TAS Thoughts


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What will you LEARN! 

The day in the life of people with disabilities...employment and education barriers...locating resources and support and other challenges that are faced by persons with disabilities. Also, you will learn about the intersectionality of autism and mental health. We promote inclusion and acceptance of neurodiversity. 

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Coaching & Consulting


Coaching Services

  • Peer Support

  • Mindfulness Coaching

  • Time Management Support

  • Sensory Management

  • Higher Education Navigation

  • Locating Supportive Resources

  • Educational Mentorship

Consulting Services

The Autist Audit - We offer a free 30-minute evaluation by professional autistic individuals on your websites to enhance your marketability to the autism community. 


Contact us today at tasthoughts@gmail.com to get started! By taking this step you are showing your dedication to making your organization inclusive of the autistic community.