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What will you LEARN! 

The day in the life of people with disabilities...employment and education barriers...locating resources and support and other challenges that are faced by persons with disabilities. Also, you will learn about the intersectionality of autism and mental health. 

Free Workshops & Mental Health Booklets

FREE Wellbeing in Mind Workbook - Download HERE

We designed this workbook to be multiple-faceted and printable!

Pick which pages are helpful for you and print them as much as you like. This template will kick start your routine & hopefully make your day a little better. 

Marble Surface

Let's Work Together to Build Disability Awareness!

Marble Surface
  • Do you want to make changes for yourself and others in the disability community? 

  • Do you want to breakdown barriers, build awareness and create equal access to employment, education, and healthcare? 

We offer a FREE 1-hour workshop to help you get started! For more information CLICK HERE