Ability Jobs 


 Local and National Employers. The ONLY employment site where 100% of posted jobs are from employers specifically seeking to hire people with disabilities 


www. abilityjobs.com

Birth Injury Justice Center


 Birth Injury Justice Center has compiled the most in-depth resources nationwide to help guide and assist families with cerebral palsy and other disabilities caused by physical birth injuries. 



David Crisp


Autism Speaker, Autism Awareness Trainer, and Advocate

Located in the UK, but offers virtual training no matter your location! 

Contact Information

Telephone- 01933 413431  

Mobile-07572433801 or email david@wired4autism.co.uk ; or davidcrisp431@btinternet.com




 Provides resources for the neurodiverse community with workplace inclusion in mind.  


www. neurogifted.com


A non-profit organization that provides life coaching for the neurodivergent and autistic community. 


Cute Notebooks