Autistic Poems For April!

Updated: Apr 18

NaPoWriMo for Autism Acceptance Month (New Content 04.18.2022)

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We are thrilled to participate in NaPoWriMo for Autism Acceptance Month! Through the month of April, we will post poetry related to our experience as an autistic adult.

Autism Acceptance Month is about the autism community coming together with allies to make a difference. To break down stigma and open doors for autistic people in the community.

Each week you can find the poems here. If you would like them delivered to your inbox, sign up for notifications!

Without further ado, here are the poems of the month.

Day 1

Sensory Hell

The noise was not alright.

The bang the clang and the yell;

It was sensory hell!

No one understands how noise is evil.

My enemy from day to day.

Taking my sanity away.

The noise never ends.

Outside and inside,

Noise is my enemy.

Covering my ears,

Trying to make it stop.

Alas, it never does.

I live in a world,

Not built for me.

I must endure.


Day 2

The Vampire Sun

Air is pleasant and cooling my soul.

But the light that shines makes my eyes close.

Stop the light from entering here.

For I am like a Vampire, avoiding the glare.

The Vampire Sun is darkness.

It is welcome.

For in the dark I can see.


Day 3


Autism is a muse.

It is fickle.

It is kind.

It builds foundation.

Autism builds walls.

Either way, the muse is mine.



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Day 4

It is the 18th of the month and this is behind.

Executive function quit.

My body quit.

It could no longer handle the stress of the world.

So no it is catch up, which is okay.

For stress comes and goes.

Being autistic stays.


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