Being an Apple in an Orange World

Updated: Mar 18

The process of obtaining your degree is a mental and emotional rollercoaster. It takes grit and determination to earn a GPA you are proud of. However, when you have a disability it complicates the road you travel from point A to point B. Not only do you need determination, but you have to advocate for yourself.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act since 1990.

As a person with a disability, you have the right to EQUAL education. Even though it can be hard to accept, a disability makes the way you communicate strenuous. You will learn information differently and act differently from your fellow classmates. There is nothing wrong with that! That is why you have EQUAL rights to request accommodations that can help you succeed. Reasonable disability accommodations are the great equalizer in education.

Imagine you are an apple and next to you is an orange. You are both fruit, but taste different and maybe look different. But you are both at the grocery store and have equal chances of being picked by customers. Sometimes the apple is not shiny enough, so the store manager takes a cloth and shines you up. There you go! The store manager wanted you to have a fair chance of being purchased just like the orange.

Requesting reasonable accommodations in college acts the same way. You are not getting anything extra by having the resources or support you need. You are just getting shined up to be equal to all the oranges.

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