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Changes To TasThoughts Blog

Here's what to expect in 2022!

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For 2021, the focus of the TasThoughts blog has been on expression, advocacy, and bringing light issues in the community for neurodiverse populations. While this blog will continue to bring you content on disability, neurodiversity, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ communities, it will no longer be weekly content.

Instead, we are going to focus on providing quality and timely information. This will include legislative updates, new technologies available to the neurodiverse and disability community, the voices of our guest authors, and tips for navigating the world being part of marginalized groups.

Posting Schedule

  • 2 articles per month

  • 1 podcast episode or interview per month.

We encourage you to follow our content on Medium where we post up to 4 times per week. CLICK HERE

February Preview

  • A guest post by the wonderful Kaitlyn Scoville of Come (Out) as You Are!

  • The first installment of our autistic podcast.

  • An exploration of technology and how it relates to the neurodiverse community.

Thank you for being a wonderful audience and we look forward to continuing to provide you content throughout 2022!

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