Making your Workplace WORK!

Trigger warning: general medical diagnosis labels mentioned relating to dexterity.

The world of technology is ever-changing. While new ways to do things are invented all the time, some older ways still work like a charm. This is partly true with adaptive equipment. Whether it is for walking, reading, or making a phone call, there is more and more tech available for you. In 2020, the world changed and remote work is now readily available. This means that you have more freedom to use adaptive equipment without the sometimes judgemental looks of coworkers.

For us, we have a multitude of sensory items we use throughout the day to cope. However, a lingering issue of pain from using a computer set up 8+ hours per day was taking its toll. This sent us on the search for adaptive equipment.

Physical pain caused by repetitive movement is common especially if you work in an office job. The use of the mouse is particularly challenging if you struggle with chronic pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or dexterity issues. Writing notes or drawing can also exacerbate these effects. Even if you don't have a specific diagnosis that impacts your office work, these adaptive devices may be for you!

(Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. This is our opinion based on personal experiences. Please consult your medical physician before using any new adaptive equipment.)

An Ergonomic Handheld Trackball Mouse not only takes the pressure off your wrist, but it can also relieve shoulder pain, especially if you are like us and do not have an ergonomic chair. It fits in the palm of your hand and we use this for our personal and professional lives. Now, every good thing will have a drawback. In this case, the mouse cannot be adjusted for sensitivity and the controls are inverted. Inverted means you roll the wheel in the opposite direction of where you want the pointer versus moving it in the direction you want to go.

The USB cord has plenty of lengths so you can use it on Netflix without leaving your couch. At the same time, this is not a Bluetooth device so cordless is not an option for this model.

Next up is the Ring-pen Ultra Grip Support for Writing and Art Tools. Not only is this great for writing, but it also helps with drawing. A struggle we face is wanting to draw and design, but not being able to keep going because of the pain... We have arthritis, struggles with dexterity, and dislocation of our fingers due to a medical condition. This device helps us be able to start drawing again!

Even though we still can't draw for long periods, we can now pick up our pencils, pens, and manga markers again. There are a lot of different options online to fit your needs, just start with a Google search of what problem you need to resolve. For example, to find these we searched "handheld mouse" and "adaptive drawing."

Happy searching! Leave a comment below to tell us what adaptive equipment you like to use at work!

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