Portable Calm A Review of Medito Meditation App iOs and Android

Updated: Mar 18

This is our review of Medito, an app that is used for grounding, mindfulness, and practicing meditation.

At first, we were skeptical about downloading this app. There are a lot of options available on iOs and Android for mindfulness and meditation techniques, and they often lack substance and are not user-friendly.

Using the App

Right away we noticed that the app had a simple yet effective layout. All the items you could use were in boxes with a short description, and there was a section that provided an introduction to the functions of the application. There are multiple voices to choose from for your guided meditations. You can even change which voice you use depending on what type of grounding you wish to practice. There is an educational aspect to the formatting which adds to its uniqueness.

Why we use this app...

Firstly, it is convenient. You can be laying in bed after a long day and need to calm down. Maybe you had a rough time in a work meeting or at school and need a few seconds of calm. Medito is perfect!

Secondly, it is free. There are so many mindfulness and meditation apps that you can use, however, they cost money and don’t always deliver what you pay for.

Overall, there were no disappointments with this app! Get inspired and read more about the Medito Foundation!

(This is an independent user review and this blog is NOT sponsored)

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