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Pride Never Ends

June doesn't mark the end of pride. It should be recognized year-round.

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It is June 2022 which means it is Pride Month! As a queer nonbinary actually autistic adult, pride month holds a special meaning. It is a time for celebrating and a time to remember all those that have come before you. The new generation is paving the way for the LGBTQ community to gain respect, civil rights, equality, and basic human rights.

Pride month is a time to remember, celebrate and embrace your identity. Recent events have cast a shadow on this month, but it doesn't stop the community from acting unified in the face of oppression.

Why Does Pride Matter to Us?

When we came out, we were rejected. In the long run, this was a good thing. When you become your authentic self you learn which friends were true friends. Fake friends and family are not worth your time. Self-acceptance does not need outside approval. It is a personal journey that is not always easy, but it is yours alone.

Autistic life is changed when you are part of the LGBTQ community. Intersectionality impacts how you see the world and how the world sees you. Being autistic has challenges, being queer and autistic doubles the complexity of social interactions. The LGBTQ community is diverse. There are different neurotypes, ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures. Human rights are often the focus of marginalized groups. It is no different for LGBTQ pride month.

LGBTQ pride month has many subsets of community that celebrate their pride. Actually autistic people have a day for pride. Autistic pride is something you may not know exist, but it does. Pride month is about identity and actually autistic people have an identity that should be celebrated. In the United States, pride month is celebrated throughout the summer.

No matter if you are celebrating this month, the LGBTQIA community, actually autistic or other pride in your identity, this month is for you.

In a way June is lgbt history month. The community has come from oppression and is still experiencing oppression. Civil rights, gender identity, being transgender, queer - simply having the same civil rights as others is constantly threatened. Pride is not just a rainbow flag or a logo on your company page, it is about lgbt rights.

People are standing together and using their voices for storytelling. They are sharing their queer story in the hopes of making a difference. Gay pride matters. The fact that a gay couple in a child movie caused an uproar in 2022 is disheartening.

When you come so far it matters - but not that there are too many steps backward. Once again lgbt rights are endangered. Now more than ever, celebrate pride and speak your truth. Fly your rainbow flags with pride.

Lgbt pride month is not only one month out of year. Lgbt pride month needs to be every month. Don't take your flags done, don't stop sharing your story. Lgbt history month is a time to give visibility to the lgbt people.

Lgbt People in the United States

It is a time of the unknown in the United States. It is 2022 and the world has gone from progressive to regressive. Gender identity is ignored. Gay pride is shunned. Healthcare is not accessible to people that desperately need it.

Remember that no matter how bad it gets, love yourself. That may sound cliche, but your mental health matters. Stand up for your community and do what you can to make a difference.

Content for Pride

On Kindle Vella we are publishing a serial series that feature LGBTQIA relationships, mental health, and discrimination. Lonely Desert Girl is a story we decided to write this series in honor of Pride Month, but it will continue passed this month. The characters are experiencing real-life issues that while fictional, are true instances of living with mental health struggles.

Right now, it is on episode 3. We do not intend to stop this serial any time soon. LGBTQIA topics need to be discussed year-round, so that is why this story won't end in June.

We hope that you will follow the story, comment and share your thoughts on Pride.

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