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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

A comprehensive list of our 2021 articles and guest spots. (NEW content 12.05.21)

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Welcome to the end of the year! It will be 2022 before you know it, so we wanted to compile a list of where you can find our content. It has been a whirlwind year for launching our blog and we appreciate all of your support!

For easy access, we are creating an end-of-the-year list of our content on other platforms. We are active on Medium, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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Medium Content 2021

How To's/Advice

Autistic Procrastination Isn’t Laziness NEW

How to spot the first symptom of autistic burnout and take steps to improve your stress reaction.

Calling All Neurodivergent Detectives

How to discover clues that reveal workplace culture before you apply for the job.

The Autistic Communication Checklist

Tips on ways to decrease the stress of communicating with the neurotypical world as an autistic adult.

Do You Have An Equal Opportunity To Succeed At Work

An overview of the reasonable accommodations processes at work and how to protect yourself in a toxic workplace as a neurodivergent adult.

Autistic Transitions: The Most Effective Way To Start Your College Journey

Methods that can help you navigate the complex process of college applications as an autistic adult

13 Ways To Navigate Workplace Politics As An Autistic Neurodivergent Adult

Tips for navigating coworker relationships and workplace politics while maintaining a healthy mindset.

An Autistic Opinion: Reasons You Should Stop Listening To Resume Advice

13 ways to get your resume noticed by employers by being authentically you.

10 Signs You’re Overtired And On The Path To Burnout

A list of things that indicate you’re getting close to burnout and how you can avoid it.

Tips For Communicating Change With Autistic Adults

We share our suggestions, as autistic adults, on effectively managing change through collaborative communication.

Best Practices For Neurodiverse Adults To Avoid Online Predators

Adults with disabilities are targeted online by cyberbullies and predators. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe online.

Autistic Opinions

Shout Until You Are Heard

An autistic advocate’s descriptive poem about advocacy making a difference for marginalized groups in society.

Autistic Access To Education: Debunking Higher Education Myths

The top three myths that are associated with autistic adults seeking higher education at universities and colleges

Intersectionality Of Autism And The Impact Trauma Has On Coping Skills

Understanding the impact of being autistic and experiencing the symptoms of trauma at work.

Neurodivergent Commentary

Kiss Me Until I Die

A neurodivergent analysis of the 1989 horror-comedy Vampire’s Kiss portrayal of society’s view of mental health and gender equality.

Measuring Intelligence: The Issue With IQ Test For Neurodivergents

An exploration of why IQ tests are harmful to the neurodivergent community from an autistic perspective.

Mental Health Commentary

Even The Mirror Might Lie NEW

Finding body positivity while coping with trauma, dysmorphia, and gender dysphoria.

A Bald Man In Spandex Changed Our Mind

How the anime One Punch Man helped us set our 2022 mental health goals.

A Life Of Forgetting But The Future Is Not Forgotten

Behind the scenes look at living with trauma disorders.

Self Love Is Not Selfish

Explaining how self-love & self-care are not selfish acts, and how both benefit everyone around you.


A poem and short essay on our eating disorder recovery journey.

A Child’s Nightmare: Psychosis And PTSD

Personal experiences dealing with psychosis at a young age due to trauma and PTSD.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: How To Stop Negative Representation Of This Diagnosis

DID is part of neurodiversity and is one of the most misunderstood diagnoses. It is important to learn why the current media representation is harmful and how you can help stop the spread of misinformation.

Disrupting Shame: The Impact Of Trauma On Setting Boundaries And Saying No

How reacting with fight, flight and fawn can impact your ability to say no

Creative Writing - Poetry/Prose

Inside These Four Walls NEW

Prose poem about our experiences shut inside mental health inpatient treatment

Identity Undiscovered NEW

A poetic description of the journey traveled to find your identity.

Misogynistic Snow NEW

A poem about gender inequality in society and the power of never giving up.

Floating Like Mist

Poetic thoughts on trauma and how to take back control of your mind

Embracing The Darkness

A poem about living with trauma and healing without letting the past define your future.

The Final Voice From The Void

A fictional narrative told from a temporary survivor’s point of view when a world explodes

Growing Hope

A poem about keeping your hope alive

The Darkest Fall

100 and under fall competition poetry submission

The Beast Shall Not Be Spared

A composition of prose dissecting the inner thoughts of a newly turned werewolf.

Creative Writing - NonFiction

Coffee Break: Nothing Happens Once Its Broken

A creative nonfiction descriptive tale of a coffee break gone wrong on a summer’s day.

Guest Spots 2021


Neurodiversity Gold Podcast

Gender Identity

Autism In Real Life

Episode 8: Autistic Trauma and the Workplace with Tas Kronby


Coming (Out) As You Are

An exploration of intersections: Neurodivergence and being LGBTQIA

Hated for who you are: The impact of alienation on mental health

Mental Health Talk

Living the Lives of many :: Our journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Staying in to thrive with agoraphobia NEW

Tim Goldstein dot com

The Revolving Door - Our experiences with practitioners ignorance and inaccessible health services

Learn From Autistics



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