User Review Of Loops Earplugs

The best and worst parts of using Loops earplugs from an autistic adult with a sensory processing disorder.

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As autistic adults with a sensory processing disorder, we are constantly looking for new and better technology to manage sound. Loops earplugs are advertised specifically to the neurodiverse populations. We used these earplugs for 1 year and here is what we experienced.

This is a personal opinion on the product and an unsponsored review.

Searching online we came across earplugs called LOOPS that decrease sound from negative twenty decibels (-20db) to negative twenty-five decibels (-25db). What makes these unique is the circular shape that uses acoustics to decrease all environmental noises. They are not waterproof, but the daytime wearable comes in various colors, and nighttime is soft flexible silicone.

An added feature is a silicon or foam cylinder that blocks out more sound. If you decide to shop for these earplugs you find them on the company website and on Amazon.

Loops are specifically marketed to the neurodiverse community but are usable for anyone that wants to protect their hearing or reduce external noise.

The good parts

1) You hear what you need to hear. Some of the biggest issues with wearing noise-canceling devices are not hearing alarms, people, or loud sounds in your immediate space. Since LOOPS uses acoustics to balance sound you can still function normally throughout your day.

2) Just the right amount of muffled sounds. External sounds break concentration, cause headaches, or can trigger a meltdown. These earplugs can help you stay on task. It decreases sound by just the right amount and allows you to interact with your environment easily.

3) Comfortable all day and night. Wearing standard earplugs can cause pain and even sores in your ear. We have not experienced any discomfort or sores from wearing these devices for 12 months. These are the first devices we can sleep in without it disrupting our night requiring adjustments.

4) Compact for storage. They come with a small carrying case that can easily be stored anywhere.

5) The decibel reduction is tailored for daytime and nighttime use. During the day you may not need intense reduction, so those earplugs are at negative twenty decibels(-20db). The nighttime options are at negative twenty-five decibels (-25db).

The bad parts

The only issue with these earplugs is wear and tear. We purchased 5 pairs in 2021 due to them breaking down. After a while, they crack and fall out of your ears especially at night. This is understandable since we wore them for long periods of time.

Depending on how often you use them, you may have to replace them more or less. It is general knowledge that you should replace your earplugs every 3 months, so keep that in mind as well.

Closing Thoughts

Try our new things for your sensory needs. We use loops and many other types of earplugs. Sometimes you may need to have a collection of noise-canceling items at your disposal.

The best way to find what works is to try them! Give Loops a try and leave a comment on how they worked for you.


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We are not medical professionals and these may not work for everyone. We only speak to our experiences using the product. Always consult a medical professional before trying new adaptive devices.

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