Tas Thoughts

A blog about dis-ability and empowerment. 

What you will learn

The day in the life of people with disabilities, Employment and Education barriers, Locating resources and supports, Test your awareness.


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Let's Work Together to Build Disability Awareness! What barriers do you see in your community for people with disabilities? How do you think this can change? How can you support that change? What changes are already happening in your community?

We are TAS

We are people with disabilities that advocate and seek to spread awareness of developmental and mental health disabilities. We identify with the pronouns they/them because of our unique disability status. We believe that disability status should not impact your access to education, employment and support resources as an adult. Neurodiversity should be accepted and inclusion a habit...not a consideration. Awareness leads to knowledge, next comes understanding, and then comes change. 

Our Mission is to empower others with disabilities to achieve their goals despite obstacles. Through our experiences, we aim to pass on the knowledge we have acquired throughout our lifetime in the hopes that it makes your journey a little easier.

Our vision to change the world for people with disabilities. Sounds cliche right? The voice of those with disabilities matters. It is through the power of your experiences that others become aware.

For an accessible version of the disability resource list in audio or text. Please email us directly at tasthoughts@gmail.com